Euplectes orix

Red Bishop

VVOFT0095 Euplectes orix<br>
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VVOFT0096 Euplectes orix<br>
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The Northern Red Bishop (Euplectes orix) is a resident breeding bird species in most of Africa south of the Sahara Desert. This common weaver occurs in a range of open country, especially tall grassland and often near water. It builds a spherical woven nest in tall grass. 2-4 eggs are laid. The Northern Red Bishop is a stocky 13-15 cm. bird. The breeding male is scarlet apart from his black head and waistcoat, and brown wings and tail. The conical bill is thick and black. He displays prominently, singing high-pitched squeaks from tall grass, puffing out his feathers or performing a slow hovering display flight. The non-breeding male is pale yellow-brown, streaked above and shading to whitish below. It has a buff supercilium. Females are similar, but smaller. Young birds have wider pale fringes on their flight feathers. The Northern Red Bishop is a gregarious species which feeds on seed, grain and some insects, all the time making a thin tsip call.Source:Wikipedia

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