All prices are per picture or data file in Euro plus VAT. For large orders we can offer discounts.

Utilization fees


Fees for utilizationrights

Writings, journals, booklets, books 55,-
Expositions, masstables, Movies, TV, Calendars, Posters,  
Postcards, Audiovideo presentation, Slide sequences +100%
Use on CD-Rom call

Extra charges

Front pages and Covers Din A4 +100%
Halfpage Din A5 +50%
in case of multilingual editions per language +25%
Underwaterphotography +50%
Exclusive rights blocking time up to 6 month + 200% and up

Extra Fees

Wrong or missing name of author +50%
Wrong relation of slides or prints to their origin holder 10,-
Blockingfees per day,per slide, data file, print 3,-
Workingfee per blockingbill 20,00
Workingfee for collections perCD rom(max.640 MB) starting at 25,-
Shipping and handling fees depend on nature of order

Scans in RGB

High resolution scans up to20 MB
( when different to our standard formats)
starting at 40,-